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The Use Of Dna Tests For Hair And Blood Samples - 897 Words

Evidence to Convict Innocent People Scientific breakthroughs now allow the use of DNA tests for hair and blood samples that are about as reliable as fingerprint matching. While the evidence assists law enforcement, it allows defense attorneys to reopen cases to reevaluate solving crimes. Introduction When was the last time you have mistaken someone’s identity? What did the last person in class have on today? Wrongful convictions may begin during the investigative process. Police misconduct or mistaken eyewitness testimony can ruin the rest of a person’s life. The criminal justice system can be changed to prevent the latter by reforming the type of evidence allowed to be used when convicting a person. Most cases of wrongful conviction are either police initiated, which begin with the assumption that a specific person is guilty, or witness initiated, which contains an articulate eyewitness testimony. Police Initiated Police investigations often begin with tunnel vision. Tunnel vision occurs when the police focus on one suspect and do not go through a thorough investigation. Tunnel vision usually obtains biases and the real criminal gets off free. They contain faulty labs, the â€Å"old boy method†, and manufacturing evidence to fill in holes. They also contain police misconduct by the use of snitches (con game), accomplices (turning in of a partner for a lighter sentence), and coerced confessions. Witness Initiated Witness initiated convictions are usually forShow MoreRelatedThe Importance of Dna Evidence1575 Words   |  7 PagesThe Importance of DNA Evidence What is DNA? Is it these winding strands that look like ladders or is it what gives a person blonde hair and blue eyes? Actually, DNA is both of these things. DNA is a person’s genetic makeup–their hereditary blueprint passed on by their parents. It is a part of almost every cell in the human body. In each cell, a person’s DNA is the same; it stays the same throughout their lifetime. DNA is found in skin tissue, sweat, bone, the root and shaft of hair, earwax, mucus,Read MoreDna And Ethics Of Recombinant Dna1601 Words   |  7 Pages Recombinant DNA and Ethics Brooke Boland BIO/410 - Genetics October 23, 2017 Miranda Gauthier Recombinant DNA and Ethics Recombinant DNA technology has become a powerful influence to many fields including medicine, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Genetic modifications of plants, animals and other organisms have allowed scientists to improve the quality of human life. As genetic engineering continues to rapidly grow, many ethical, social and legal issues arise evaluating the risksRead MoreHair Analysis : Forensic Science966 Words   |  4 PagesProject Trichology is the study of hair. Interestingly, this study dates back to mid-1800s. However, hair analysis in forensic science began in 1930. During which time, a forensic scientist by the name of Edmond Locard introduced the Locard Exchange Principal. This principal hinges on the fact that any time there is contact between two surfaces an exchange of material will take place. (Oien, 2009) In this paper, I will prove how Forensic Hair Analysis and Forensic Hair comparison and studies if properlyRead MoreDna Analysis : Dna Profiling725 Words   |  3 PagesTammy Venhuda Mrs. Paris P.4 English 7-8 10-20-17 DNA Profiling Hook: Have you ever thought about your personal DNA and why it is important to you? Besides showing factors of how you grow, develop, and function, your DNA has more to it. What is DNA profiling? DNA profiling is when someone uses DNA to identify someone, make sure someone is not being wrongly accused, or to claim criminals. But there are pros and cons to DNA profiling. This is because some people are for it and others are againstRead MoreA Brief Look at DNA Profiling1366 Words   |  6 PagesDNA profiling has several advantages in helping solve crimes, however, there are still disadvantages to this technique. DNA profiling can be beneficial, as well as detrimental to the society we live in. DNA profiling has become the most widely used tool in the field of forensics because of the advantages it has to offer, although there are some drawbacks when it comes to utilizing this technique. DNA profiling has greatly enhanced law enforcement investigation by helping determine the suspect i nRead MoreForensic Examination Of Forensic Science1434 Words   |  6 Pagespossibly lead to a suspect. The reliability of forensic evidence testing is a widely debated topic in the world of forensic science. The new â€Å"Gold† standard in evidence is DNA analysis, because of its reliability. Finger printing as well as ballistics are often used but are said to be imperfect compared to DNA analysis. DNA analysis is deemed the most reliable because it has faced rigorous scientific experimentation. Fingerprinting is one of the oldest tool of forensic analysis. Fingerprinting isRead MoreDna Profiling And The Criminal Justice System1372 Words   |  6 Pagesalthough police were able to obtain a semen sample from her murderer the case remained unsolved. In 1986 the killer struck again murdering 15 year old Dawn Ashworth, once again leaving behind semen, but this time the police were able to use DNA profiling to match the semen to a suspect. Colin Pitchfork became the first person to be caught based on mass DNA screening, and the first to be convicted based on DNA profiling. The use of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) in the criminal justice system has greatlyRead More Dna And Crime Essay1288 Words   |  6 Pages DNA and Crime nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Deoxyribonucleic Acid - the fingerprint of life also know as DNA was first mapped out in the early 1950’s by British biophysicist, Francis Harry Compton Crick and American biochemist James Dewey Watson. They determined the three-dimensional structure of DNA, the substance that passes on the genetic characteristics from one generation to the next. DNA is found in the chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell. quot;Every family line has it’s own unique patternRead MoreEffects Of Temperature On The Quality Of Dna Extracted From Manila Envelopes1526 Words   |  7 Pagesquality of DNA extracted from Manila envelopes Research Proposal Janet Boateng November 15,2014 First draft Forensic Biology 5410 Abstract/summary: In the case of mail threat to an individual, it is possible that DNA evidence could be left by the perpetrator on the adhesive strip of a manila envelope. The process of delivery mail via U.S. Postal Services may take from 3-7 business days, with temperature factoring into the quality of analysis of any DNA. If mailRead MoreThe Crime Scene Investigation Training1735 Words   |  7 PagesTraining Report includes a brief outline of two training modules: Hair and Crime Scene Training-Blood Crime Scene Training. These modules provide Crime Scene Investigation trainees with the adequate information they need to prepare them to know what to look for when looking for blood and hair samples at a crime scene. This also instructs the trainee the significance of how to avoid tampering with evidence and how to properly collect a sample. The men and women trainees have classroom tutorials on the

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Types Of Households Ladera Ranch - 1720 Words

Types of Households in Ladera Ranch The total number of households in Ladera Ranch is 7,161 at the time of this report. Out of these households, 71.9% are occupied by homeowners. There are 5,890 families in Ladera Ranch. These families comprise of 4,996 two-parent homes and 894 single-parent homes. The average number of people in one home is 3.15 (â€Å"Current,† 2014). The median home value is $624,300 (United States, 2012). With this high rate of home ownership and family occupation in Ladera Ranch, residents are more inclined to invest their time and money into their community. These homeowners are interested in investments which increase their quality of life and the value of their properties. Exhibit D, above, is an extract from†¦show more content†¦Family Entertainment Center According to the White Hutchinson, a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is a community-based facility. FECs are usually located near residential areas. A successful FEC needs to have an average annual frequency of visits of more than 6 times. The average length of a visit ranges from 2 to 2.5 hours and the average spending per visit ranges from $8 to $14. An FEC needs to include multiple anchor attractions in various categories to attract and retain visitors. Examples of these attractions are bowling lanes, skating rinks, laser tag facilities, miniature golf courses, climbing walls, children’s edutainment experiences, video arcades, simulator / motion theater attractions, etc. In addition, birthday party and food and beverage facilities are also major parts of an FEC due to the large percentage of income they generate (White Hutchinson). According to Bederka (2014), there has been a decrease in participation rate and average spending in FECs since 2003. However, there is â€Å"no (spending) change in the top 20 percent of income households† on FEC facilities. This signals a potential market for an FEC in the Ladera Ranch community as the average income of this town is nearly double the average income of the state of California. The market profitability for this business also proves to be stable during economic and technological changes. Moreover, Bederka (2014) also highlights that the FEC market is â€Å"shifting to both

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Vinegar Battery Investigatory Project Free Essays

Vinegar as Alternative Battery An Investigatory Project Presented to The Faculty of the High School Department Surigao Education Center Km. 2, Surigao City _______________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Physics IV _______________________________________________ By: Edradan, Dhaniel Jefferson Yaun, Mary Allyssa Concon, Leonel Galos, Jancirfil Jimena, Rimar Villarojo, Kerr March 2013 APPROVAL SHEET Vinegar as Alternative Battery Prepared Submitted by MARY ALLYSSA YAUN, DHANIEL JEFFERSON EDRADAN, LEONEL CONCON, JANCIRFIL GALOS, RIMAR JIMENA, KERR VILLAROJO has been examined and is recommended for approval and acceptance for ORAL EXAMINATION. GIOVANNI P. We will write a custom essay sample on Vinegar Battery Investigatory Project or any similar topic only for you Order Now DOSANO Adviser ————————————————- PANEL OF EXAMINERS APPROVED by the committee on ORAL EXAMINATION with the grade of__ on February 2013. ZALDY P. BELOY, Ph. D _______________ ______________ Member Member ___________________ Member ACCEPTANCE in partial fulfillment of the requirements for SCIENCE IV Acknowledgement There are a lot of people the researchers would wish to thank for their generous and unselfish help in realization of this study. First and foremost, Almighty God for giving the researchers the patience and perseverance to tackle the study; To their parents who gave them their full support, financially and morally. To Sir Giovanni Dosano, who became the researchers great and dearly research paper adviser who patiently helped and encourage them finish the study. The researchers salute for the continuous help and guidance. And most especially, Sir Zaldy P. Beloy, Ph. D. for helping the researchers to understand revise and emphasize the importance of the study. TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page (i) Approval Sheet (ii) Acknowledgement (iii) Abstract (iv) Table of Contents (v) CHAPTER I: THE PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Introduction 4 Review and Related literature 5 Statement of the Problem 5 Significance of the Study 5 Scope of Limitations 5 Definition of Terms 7-8 CHAPTER II: METHODOLOGY Research Design 9 Materials 9 General Procedure 9-10 Observation 10 Flow Chart of Methodology 11 CHAPTER III: RESULTS AND ANALYSIS CHAPTER IV: SUMMARY, CONCLUSION, AND RECOMMENDATION Summary 13 Findings 13 Conclusion 13 Recommendation 13 References 14 APPENDICES 15    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Introduction We all know that the world is now facing an energy crisis and everyone is trying to do something about that. Now you can show everyone that electrical energy or electricity can be made from air and vinegar. After all, vinegar are freely available everywhere. Battery is a device that converts chemical energy directly to electrical energy. It consists of a number of voltaic cells; each voltaic cell consists of two  half-cellsconnected in series by a conductive electrolyte containing anions and cations. One half-cell includes electrolyte and the electrode to which  anions  (negatively charged ions) migrate, i. e., the  anode  or negative electrode; the other half-cell includes electrolyte and the electrode to which  cations  (positively charged ions) migrate, i. e. , the cathode  or po sitive electrode. In the  redox  reaction that powers the battery, cations are reduced (electrons are added) at the cathode, while anions are oxidized (electrons are removed) at the anode. The electrodes do not touch each other but are electrically connected by the  electrolyte. Some cells use two half-cells with different electrolytes. A separator between half-cells allows ions to flow, but prevents mixing of the electrolytes. Vinegar is a solution of acetic acid and water. Acids donate H+ ions into a solution. The concentration of these ions is what determines whether a solution is a strong electrolyte (conductor) or a weak one. Since vinegar has a low concentration of acetic acid(about 5%) it only has a pH of only ~2. 4 and so is a weak acid. Review of Related Literature According to Doctor Sergey stated that vinegar have lots of electronic magnet cells that can because electricity will small megabytes. During the experimentation, the researchers found out that 4 pieces of calamodins are enough to light a certain bulb. It is also found out that a coin which is hot copper and copper wires are not the appropriate materials in making the experiment. Instead of the materials mentioned used the copper coin and alligator wire. The galvanized nail also matter in lightning the bulb. Use the 1. inches galvanized nail to balanced the flow of the current. Statement of the Problem The researchers aimed to answer the following: 1. How much amount of vinegar that can make the light emitting diode bulb light? 2. Can vinegar bean alternative battery? Significance of the Study This activity is done by the researcher with an important purpose. This activity is launched solely for the Fourth Year High school students of Surigao Education Center. Scope and Limitations This study focused only on commercial vinegar as an alternative source of energy. Definition of Terms Battery – a device consisting of one or more  electrochemical cells  that convert stored chemical  energy  into electrical energy. Vinegar – a liquid substance consisting mainly of  acetic acid  (CH3CO2H) and  water, the acetic acid being produced through the  fermentation  of  ethanol by  acetic acid bacteria. Electricity – is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of  electric charge. Acids – is a substance which reacts with a  base Electric Source – a  physical property  of  matter  that causes it to experience a  force  when near other electrically charged matter. Cat ion – the ion in an electrolyzed solution that migrates to the cathode;  broadly  :  a positively charged ion Anion – the ion in an electrolyzed solution that migrates to the anode;  broadly  :  a negatively charged ion | | Anode – the electrode of an electrochemical cell at which oxidation occurs: as Cathode –   the electrode of an electrochemical cell at which reduction occurs: Current – a flow of electricity Voltage – electric potential or potential difference expressed in  volts Galvanized Nail – Galvanized  nails are a special type of  nail  used in construction. They have undergone a special galvanization  process, which involves covering them with a  zinc  coating in order to form a protective barrier. This barrier also works as a  sacrificial anode, which means the coating will dissolve before the metal inside does, if the barrier itself becomes damaged. Copper Wire – Copper  has been used in  electric wiring  since the invention of the  electromagnet  and the  telegraph  in the 1820s. The invention of the  telephone  in 1876 created further demand for copper wire as an electrical conductor. CHAPTER II METHODOLOGY Research Design The descriptive and experimental design was used in this study. Materials/Equipment * Vinegar (Commercial) * 1 meter Alligator Wires * 1.5 inch Galvanized Nails * 1.5 inch Copper wires * Tape * 2 Cups * Led bulb General Procedure A. Preparation on Materials 1. Prepare and check all the materials needed B. Set up the prepared materials 1. Share first the vinegar in packs 2. Fill the cups with vinegar 3. Then place a type at the top of the cups then put two different holes C. Connecting the wires 1. Attach the galvanized nail and copper wires both side. Do not allow the copper wire and galvanized nail touch each other. . Attach the alligator wire to the copper wires and galvanized nails 3. Attach the alligator clip to the bulb and it will light up. C1. Observation C2. Collection of Data C3. Tabulation C4. Evaluation C5. Conclusion Flow Chart of Methodology Conclusion Tabulation Collection of Data Evaluation Observation Experimentation Setting up the Prepare Materials Preparation CHAPTER III RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Table. 1 TRIAL| AMOUNT OF VINEGAR| OBSERVATION| 1| 200 ml| The led bulb haven’t produced light| 2| 400 ml| The led bulb still haven’t produced light| 3| 800 ml| The led bulb produced little light| | 1000 ml| The led bulb produced great light| Based on the table above, the researchers first prepared in trial with the amount of vinegar 200ml but it does not make the led bulb light. On the second trial, they prepared 400ml but again it does not work. By the third trial, with the amount of 800ml of vinegar, it only produced a little amount of light on the led bulb. On their last trial, they tried to use more vinegar with the amount of 1000ml, and then it already made the led bulb produced great light. CHAPTER IV SUMMARY, FINDINGS, CONCLUSION AND RECOMENDATIONS In this chapter the researchers will be giving the summary of the findings of their study. The conclusions on the different problems that arose and to the recommendations on the kinds of improvement their readers can do in the near future. Summary With the use of vinegar it is proven effective when the copper wire and galvanized nail is inserted in it. Based on the observation of the researchers through experimentation it was proven that Vinegar can be an alternative battery and can be a good source of electricity and further justified based on the result of the study. Findings Based on the experiment conducted, the following were the findings of the study: 1. With the amount of 1000ml of vinegar, it can make the led bulb light with the use also of galvanized nail and copper wire 2. Vinegar contains small amounts of acetic acid that can make the led bulb light Conclusions Based on the findings the researchers have conducted, the researchers therefore conclude that vinegar can be an alternative battery and a good example of producing light. With the galvanized nail and copper wire as the negative and positive the two components shouldn’t be attach with other with the flow of electricity there should only be one direction Recommendations The experiment is easy, you can spend lesser. This is recommended to all the people. By this study, a lot of people can get and get idea how to save money, and energy at home. Someday, vinegar will be a source of electricity. The researchers also recommend this to the following: * Students – this can help them to be their guide anf for them to try something new and develop their skills in investigatory. Teachers – to take this as an example to the students for them to encourage themselves to discover other kinds of alternative battery. The researchers recommend two title of further studies: 1. â€Å"Animal Urine as Alternative battery† 2. â€Å"Vinegar as a battery for Calculator† REFERENCES http://tag. wonderhowto. com/vinegar-battery/ http://hilaroad. com/camp/projects/lemon/vinegar_battery. html http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=pq9NuvdLZaUfeature=gv http://www. termpaperwarehouse. com/search_results. php? query=vinegar+alternative+battery+ APPENDICES How to cite Vinegar Battery Investigatory Project, Essay examples

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Week_5 Essays - , Term Papers, Research Papers

|Name: Dhulfiqar |Date: 9/19/19---9/1/19 | Graded Assignment Activity Log In this Physical Education course, you will use this activity log to keep track of your physical activity. Your teacher will review your activity log each week and then enter your participation points in the Gradebook. You will receive 2 participation points for each entry in your activity log. If a week includes 5 regular school days, you can earn 10 participation points for completing an entry each day. | |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 | |Start Time |12:30 PM |2 PM |1:00 AM |2:00 PM |11 AM | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Stop Time |1:30 PM |3 PM |1:30 AM |2:30 PM |11:44 PM | | | | | | | | |Location |Turkey, |Turkey, |Turkey, |Turkey, |Turkey, | | |Private GYM,|Private GYM,|Private GYM,|Private GYM,|Private GYM,| | |Pool |Pool |Pool |Pool |Pool | | | | | | | | |Your Score |___ of 10 | Notes:

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The Economic Costs of Inflation

The Economic Costs of Inflation In general, people seem to know that inflation is often not a good thing in an economy. This makes sense, to some degree- inflation refers to rising prices, and rising prices are typically viewed as a bad thing. Technically speaking, however, increases in the aggregate price level need not be particularly problematic if prices of different goods and services rise uniformly, if wages rise in tandem with the price increases, and if nominal interest rates adjust in response to changes in inflation. In other words, inflation need not reduce the real purchasing power of consumers. There are, however, costs of inflation that are relevant from an economic perspective and cannot be easily avoided. Menu Costs When prices are constant over long periods of time, firms benefit in that they dont need to worry about changing the prices for their output. When prices change over time, on the other hand, firms would ideally like to change their prices in order to keep pace with the general trends in prices, since this would be the profit-maximizing strategy. Unfortunately, changing prices is generally not costless, since changing prices requires printing new menus, relabeling items, and so on. Firms have to decide whether to operate at a price that is not profit-maximizing or incur the menu costs involved in changing prices. Either way, firms bear a very real cost of inflation. Shoeleather Costs Whereas firms are the ones who directly incur menu costs, shoe leather costs directly impact all holders of currency. When inflation is present, there is a real cost to holding cash (or holding assets in non-interest bearing deposit accounts), since the cash wont buy as much tomorrow as it could today. Therefore, citizens have an incentive to keep as little cash on hand as possible, which means that they have to go to the ATM or otherwise transfer money on a very frequent basis. The term shoe leather costs refer to the figurative cost of replacing shoes more often due to the increase in the number of trips to the bank, but shoe leather costs are a very real phenomenon. Shoeleather costs are not a serious issue in economies with relatively low inflation, but they become very relevant in economies that experience hyperinflation. In these situations, citizens generally prefer to keep their assets as foreign rather than local currency, which also consumes unnecessary time and effort. Misallocation of Resources When inflation occurs and prices of different goods and services rise at different rates, some goods and services become cheaper or more expensive in a relative sense. These relative price distortions, in turn, affect the allocation of resources toward different goods and services in a way that would not happen if relative prices remained stable. Wealth Redistribution Unexpected inflation can serve to redistribute wealth in an economy because not all investments and debt are indexed to inflation. Higher than expected inflation makes the value of debt lower in real terms, but it also makes the real returns on assets lower. Therefore, unexpected inflation serves to hurt investors and benefit those who have a lot of debt. This is likely not an incentive that policymakers want to create in an economy, so it can be viewed as another cot of inflation. Tax Distortions In the United States, there are many taxes that do not automatically adjust for inflation. For example, capital gains taxes are calculated based on the absolute increase in the value of an asset, not on the inflation-adjusted value increase. Therefore, the effective tax rate on capital gains when inflation is present may be much higher than the stated nominal rate. Similarly, inflation increases the effective tax rate paid on interest income. General Inconvenience Even if prices and wages are flexible enough to adjust well for inflation, inflation still makes comparisons of monetary quantities across years more difficult than they could be. Given that people and companies would like to fully understand how their wages, assets, and debt evolve over time, the fact that inflation makes it more difficult to do so can be viewed as yet another cost of inflation.

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Non-Member Countries of the United Nations

Non-Member Countries of the United Nations Although most of the worlds 196 countries have joined forces to tackle global issues like global warming, trade policy, and human rights and humanitarian issues through joined the United Nations as U.N. member states, two countries are not members of the U.N.: Palestine and the Holy See (Vatican City). Both, however, are considered Non-member States of the United Nations, which means they have permanent invitations to participate as observers of the General Assembly and are provided free access to documents of the United Nations. Although not specifically dictated in provisions of the United Nations, the non-member permanent observer status has been recognized as a matter of practice in the U.N. since 1946 when the Swiss Government was given the status by the Secretary-General. More often than not, permanent observers later join the United Nations as full members when their independence has been recognized by more members and their governments and economy have stabilized enough to be able to provide financial, military or humanitarian support for international initiatives of the United Nations. Palestine Palestine currently operates on a Permanent Observer Mission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations because of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and its subsequent fight for independence. Until such a time as the conflict is resolved, though, the United Nations cannot allow Palestine to become a full member because of a conflict of interest with Israel, which is a member state. Unlike other conflicts in the past, namely Taiwan-China, the United Nations favors a two-state resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict wherein both states emerge from the battle as independent nations under a peaceful pact. If this does happen, Palestine would almost certainly be accepted as a full member of the United Nations, though that depends on member states votes during the next General Assembly. The Holy See (Vatican City) The independent papal state of 771 people (including the Pope) was created in 1929, but they have not chosen to become part of the international organization. Still, Vatican City currently operates in the United Nations as a Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the U.N. Essentially, this just means that the Holy See- which is separate from Vatican City State - has access to all parts of the United Nations but does not get to cast a vote in the General Assembly, largely because of the Popes preference to not immediately affect international policy. The Holy See is the only fully independent nation to choose not to be a member of the United Nations. States Without Non-member Observer Status Unlike the U.N.s official permanent observers, these states are not recognized by the U.N. However, they are recognized as independent states by some of the U.N.s members. Name Recognized By Kosovo 102 U.N. member states Western Sahara 44 U.N. member states Taiwan 16 U.N. member states South Ossetia 5 U.N. member states Abkhazia 5 U.N. member states Northern Cyprus 1 U.N. member state Kosovo Kosovo declared independence from Serbia  on February 17, 2008, but has not gained complete international recognition to allow it to become a member of the United Nations. Still, at least one member country of the U.N. recognizes Kosovo as capable of independence, though it technically still remains part of Serbia, acting as an independent province. However, Kosovo is not listed as an official non-member state of the United Nations, though it has joined the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are two other international communities focused more on international economy and global trade rather than geopolitical issues. Kosovo does hope to one day join the United Nations as a full member, but political unrest in the region, as well as the ongoing United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), have kept the country from political stability to the degree required to join as a functioning member state. Today, Kosovo is recognized by 102 U.N. members. Taiwan In 1971 the Peoples Republic of China (mainland China) replaced Taiwan (also known as the Republic of China) in the United Nations, and to this day the status of Taiwan remains in limbo because of political unrest between those claiming Taiwanese independence and PRCs insistence on control over the entire region. The General Assembly has not fully extended the non-member state status of Taiwan since 2012 because of this unrest. Unlike Palestine, however, the United Nations does not favor a two-state resolution and has subsequently not offered non-member status to Taiwan as to not offend the Peoples Republic of China, which is a member state. Today, Taiwan is recognized by 16 U.N. members.

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Love in Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Love in Marriage - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that marriage is the basis of a family unit, and society's central component is family - thus, marriage. On a general term, marriage is the coming together of two individuals whose aim is a lifetime of partnership and possibly, reproduction. If this is true, then it is safe to say that stability is important for couples to move on with their married lives towards the fulfillment of their unified goals. While it is true that some couples may be married for reasons other than love, and while it is also true that these types of marriages may have worked for some of these couples, it still remains true that love plays a major and important role in the majority of marriages in the world. Nowadays, it can be said that love is overrated in relationships and undervalued in marriages. This may be the reason for several early marriages or relationships, and continuous increase in divorce rates. While no one says it is wrong to get involved with love at an early age, while inside a marriage, couples need to recognize it's importance â€Å"till death do them part.† According to recent studies, while romantic love is a concept that is widely accepted, not everyone considers it as an important factor in marriage. However, most studies show that love in marriage helps in stabilizing the union between the couples. Surprisingly, while not everyone views love as necessary to establish marriage, a large percentage of marriages in societies are based on romantic unions.... However, it should be first emphasized that the attention it needs is not the one that causes romance novel bestsellers or blockbuster hits. For one, successful marriages seem to be a rarity (De, 1996, p.703). How many among acquaintances or relatives have successful marriages, or have at least come from successful unions? It seems that almost everybody in today's world at least knows a person who have come from a broken home. Gone were the days when the term â€Å"broken home† causes tugs at the hearts of those who hear. Why? Because it has become so common. It is possible that people may have been so cynical of the concept of love that the more they hear of it's supposed failure to make marriages work, the more they disregard it. One has to remember that while love in marriages will not change the annoying things that they say make marriages collapse little by little, love may help in making couples focus not on what is annoying, but on what is pleasing. And while love will not keep either party from getting hurt, it will at least pave the way for possible forgiveness (Chapman, 2007, p.29-31). On a logical note, since humans are inherently in need of affection, marriages should be the foundation where the fulfillment of the sense of belonging and security should come from. As mentioned earlier, love in marriages helps in providing stability in a union. Therefore, people should not look into the idea of love in marriages as some sort of just a romantic idea resulting from too much reading of pocketbooks or watching romantic movies. Love in marriages runs deeper than shallow Hollywood presentations. Love and marriage are two crucial elements in human society. Understanding the importance of love is stabilizing this core unit